What A Multifunction Laser Printer Can Do

A multifunction laser printer can do many things at a time. It is basically a combination device that you can use to not just print your important documents out but also helps you in faxing documents, scanning images and copying files. It is an all-in-one device that makes things easier for you.

A multifunction laser printer can do the following tasks in a very simple fashion. The first among these is printing, the main reason you will buy this device. An average multifunction color laser printer will enable you to print up to 20 pages in a minute. Some devices offer more than this standard printing speed. It all depends on the type of device you have selected and the diversity of functions it offer.

There are two types of multifunction laser printers available. First is the portable type that comes with a compact design and light weight. It does not offer the same printing speed and other features as you will find in an average printer. The benefits however are quite extended. You can use it at any place and even carry it during your travels on trains and airplanes. The second type is the average printer with some giving you speeds of up to 40 pages per minute in black and white format and around 25 pages in the color format. These printers are large and you can only use them as your office desktop devices.

Facsimile services on multifunction color laser printers are top notch. They come with either 28 kbps or 33 kbps modems with some models having a 56 kbps modem. They are also equipped with Wi-Fi technology and Mobile connectivity to make things easier for you. Given the fact that they function as a full-fledged fax machines, you may not need buying the typical fax machines. There will simply be no need for that.

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Some of the best multifunction laser printers offer scanning and copying facilities at par with the printing function. This means that there will not be any minimal scanning option if you are using a device that offers great printing output. Some of the best brands of HP, Canon and Brother offer scanners that have a resolution of at least 3600 dpi though it may range as high as 4800 dpi and even higher. Scanning speed is around one image per second though it depends on the complexity of colors, among other factors.

Copying facilities are equally good with speeds of up to 40 pages in a minute. Color copying and duplex printing options are combined into a single device to speed up the process. These printers are especially good for offices with a multitude of work being done at the same time.