Canon vs. Epson: Which Brand has the Best Inkjet Photo Printer?

There are many brands which offer inkjet printers, but have you ever thought which brands offer the best inkjet photo printers? As of today, there are two big brands are competing for this competition : Canon and Epson. In this article, we will make a small comparison to find out which brand offers the best inkjet photo printer.

Canon: Wide Range of Printers for Different Needs

When it comes to inkjet photo printers, Canon offers a wide selection of printer which provides different choices for different purposes. You can find different line of product ranging from photo inkjet printers, photo all-in-one multifunction printers, professional photo printers, corporate and graphic arts printers as well as wide format printers. These different printers all offer top notch printing quality but they vary in capabilities and features based  to their exact specifications.

The photo inkjet printers line like Selphy CP1200, Canon MG2520, etc are ideal for home photo printing use and these printers usually offer single function printer. The price are very affordable and you can get excellent outputs, simple to use, and can be placed in any desktop or computer table. These printers are also ideal for general printing purposes like school projects, home photo printing, and miscellaneous printing needs.

Photo all-in-one printers have more features as they do not only have copying, faxing or scanning functions but they also have slots for memory card and PictBridge, wireless and airprint connectivity for easy direct printing from mobile phone wirelessly, and they usually have LCD displays and a fully functional control panel that make it easy to operate even without a computer.

Professional photo printers generally have more sophisticated features than any other photo printers from Canon. They use LUCIA and other high quality inks, the most innovative ink systems of Canon, and these printers also have around 9 to 10 individual different inks which make the printouts are more reliable as vivid and color-rich as possible. They also have very high nozzle numbers which indicate their capacity to produce very detailed images. These devices are single function only and they are ideally used with the access of a PC

Corporate or graphic arts printers are generally like professional photo printers. The only difference may only can be found in the outputs with their sophistication is not of the same level. Their nozzles are half as many as that of professional photo printers and their inks are not as many. But they are also single function and they are used with a computer at all times.

Meanwhile wide format printers are ones which are used for producing large printouts like banners, tarpaulins, posters, and other print advertisements which are addressed to the major public. These devices may vary from as small as 11’’ x 17’’ size printers to as large as 44’’ printers with a maximum length of 100+ feet.

Epson: Excellent Printing in a Few Selections

Though Epson may not have as many different product lines as Canon, it does have all the complete products to rival those which Canon is offering. For home photo printing, there are Stylus models and Artisan models of single function devices. For home office, office, and professional photo printing, Artisan and WorkForce models are very ideal. And for large format prints, there are WorkForce, Stylus Photo, and Stylus Pro models which will provide you all of your needs.

The Artisan models are, as they are named, the specific printers which are really especially engineered for photo printing use. They come in single and multiple functions and they are best for home and home office photo printing. They are also ideal for general purpose printing.

The WorkForce models of all-in-one printers are very good photo printers as they are office printers with their complete functions and features. These devices are equipped with high speed, reliable performance, connectivity, direct photo printing options, and their very own LCD displays and control panels.

The Stylus Photo range of products is composed of wide format devices which have up to 13’’ x 19’’ media compatibility options. They are not exactly large format but they are especially developed for creating excellent photos and top notch images without difficulty. They are mostly single function devices which need direct access to a computer.

The Stylus Pro range is the specific range of printers which are exclusively engineered for large format printing. They range from 11’’ x 17’’ to 64’’ wide printers with unlimited lengths. These devices are what most commercial companies and industries use to produce top notch posters, banners, and billboard advertisements.


It’s hard to really tell which brand offers the best inkjet photo printer – Canon or Epson. But as a consumer, you have the power to choose. Nevertheless, knowing that you have excellent choices to select from in these two popular brands makes the shopping process much simpler.