HP LaserJet Pro M277dw Wireless Multifunction Printer Review

If you are someone who deals with paperwork a lot, chances are you need a printer at home. After all, getting it done in internet cafes can really cost you a lot of money. Instead, buying a printer will prove to be much more cost efficient. There is a tonne of variety when it comes to printers in the market.

One of the best color printers in the market is the HP LaserJet Pro M277dw. So if you are looking to buy this one for yourself, you have to come to exactly the right place. Here you will read about all the different features, advantages and disadvantages of this product. Hopefully, after reading through all of that, you can be a better judge regarding whether you should buy it or not.


  • Speeding through your tasks with the help of a wide range of features, thus producing quality prints of the professional level at all times.
  • Let’s you deal with the demands of pressing businesses matters by providing features for mobile printing, meaning you can control what you want to print and when you want to do it remotely.
  • The cartridges provided are of the highest quality, thus ensuring you are always at the peak of your printing performance.
  • Data security is also at the maximum because of the innovative solutions provided by Jet Advantage for every problem. You can stay connected to your network using these features given to you.
  • Compatible with the latest Windows 10. Obviously, driver updates will be necessary from time to time.


So these were some of the features that the HP LaserJet Pro M277dw has to provide to you. So what about its benefits? Here are some of them?

  • It is a multifunction printers which means you can print, fax, scan, copy documents from single machine
  • 3 inch color touchscreen for easy navigation
  • One of the best benefits of this printer is its multi-accessibility. At a single time, it can be accessed by a total of 1 to 5 users at maximum.
  • It comes with a toner cartridge of full capacity that can yield a total of around 1500 pages on average. Pretty impressive right?
  • Makes use of secure Ethernet ports for connecting to your PC or laptop, thus ensuring total security overall.
  • It also comes with a colour touchscreen which allows you to simply tap and swipe away for accessing, scanning and printing what you want. It is intuitive in nature and very simple overall.
  • Printing speed is also extremely fast. The first page outcomes as fast as 11.5 seconds. The average is Up to 19 ppm black and color.. Thus, you can get your job done faster than ever before.


As far as the negatives of the HP LaserJet Pro M277dw are concerned, here are some of them (According to some users)

  • It is incapable of staying connected with the computer. Once disconnected, it can take several minutes to get it going again.
  • It is not capable of printing on card stock. It can only do so on ones which are extremely light in weight.

Final Verdict

So the final verdict of the HP LaserJet Pro M277dw is that it is a wonderful printer and one which definitely deserves all of the credit it is receiving from critics and users worldwide. If you too want a printer for yourself, this one is definitely worth looking at.