Canon MX922 All-in-One Multifunction Printer Review

If you are looking for a printer which will help you to get the high quality printout  for your personal or official use, then you need to do a little market research. By sorting down your requirement, and budget, you can easily pick out the right one for you. With the modernization of technology, the world has to offer you many new features, which will help your life to be better and easier. When you are buying the printer, it is assumed to be for the long run, and that is why you should not compromise for anything while purchasing it.

Canon MX922 multifunction printer has become one of the most popular printer in the last few month. There are many people recommend this printer because it offers a wide variety of high quality features, mobile devices compatibility, the ease of use and full support from the manufacturer. Now, let’s we take a closer look on features of this printer

Main features

With the right knowledge of the features, you will be able to understand if that suits your purpose or not.

  • This printer comes with the built-in Wi-Fi, and this helps you to connect any device in the surrounding area.
  • The Canon Office and Business MX922 has Apple Airprint feature too, which means you can connect the mobile and tablet (iOS devices) with this machine.
  • The cassette has the capacity of 250 sheets of papers so that the requirement of refilling will not be that frequent.
  • With five individual ink tank, the outcome will be of superb quality, whether it is for your personal use or business purpose.
  • You can copy, scan and even fax with it. It has the multitasking ability.


It will be wise to know about the pros of the machine so that you will be determined while buying.

  • This printer has the ability to access your cloud account. Once you make them connected, it can print the documents from there.
  • For the pigment based outcome, it has the five colour ink system. It also contains the four dyecolour based ink, so that the printed document will be of high quality.
  • You need not install drivers. As it is wireless, you can print your documents while you are in the other room.
  • Operating Canon Office and Business MX922 is very simple, and you do not need to know a lot of stuff about the printer.


Everything comes with cons, and there are some cons in this printer as well, and you better know it before investing money on it. This opinion is according to some users

  • The Canon MX922 will give you the opportunity to Air-Print. But if you are standing out of the operational area, then it might get interrupted.
  • You have to check the printer driver setting, as this has the ability to change the quality of the printout.
  • This printer is an excellent choice for home or small office. If you are associated with a big office or company, then you might need a better printer.


Overall the users have been satisfied with the MX922. If you need something in the budget and can do the medium level of printing, then this is printer will be ideal for you. It will not provide you with the high volume printout, but whatever, the output is high quality.