Top 10 Best Home Printers For Small Business & Home Office

A good home office printer is very important because having an extension of your office inside your own home requires you to have all the necessary equipment that will make your activities productive.

If you work from home or have a small home office and need to print documents, scan documents into the computer, reproduce multiple copies of one document quickly, and receive documents from different contacts or clients using fax, you need a good home office printer that can meet all these needs.

Choosing the right home printer (especially with multifunction capability) will not only help you save a lot of money but you can save space as all your task can be done with just one machine.

Here is a selection of the 10 best home office printers 2018 that we recommend.

NOPrinter NameAvailabilityConnectivityPrint Speed
Type Weight
1.Canon MX922CheckUSB; Wi-Fi
25.7 lbs
2.Canon MX492CheckWifi, Mobile8.8/4.4Inkjet13 lbs
3.Canon PIXMA MG3620CheckUSB; Wi-Fi9.9/5.7Inkjet11.9 lbs
4.HP Envy 4520CheckUSB; Wi-Fi9.5/6.8Inkjet11.93 lbs
5.Brother HL-L2340DWCheckWi-Fi, USB 27ppmLaser13 lbs
6.Canon MG7720CheckWi-Fi; Ethernet15/10inkjet17.4 lbs
7.Epson Home XP-330CheckUSB, WiFi9/4.5Inkjet9.3 lbs
8.HP DeskJet 3755CheckUSB; Wi-Fi7.5/5/5Inkjet5.13 lbs
9.Samsung SL-M2020WCheckWi-Fi; USB21ppmLaser8.8 lbs
10.Epson Home XP-430CheckWifi, USB9/4.5Inkjet9.3 lbs

1. Canon Office and Business MX922

The Canon Office and Business MX922 is a multifunction device with complete printing, scanning, copying, and faxing functions. It has an automatic document feeder which enables you to copy and scan up to legal size documents.

It has a good speed of 21 ppm for black and 10 ppm for colored printouts. It also has a high resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi and it also has both wired and wireless network connectivity. For direct printing, there are connectivity slots including Wireless connectivity including AirPrint, USB, and memory card slots.

It has a duty cycle of 2,500 pages per month so it’s just right for all of your everyday home and home office printing needs. This is also a very affordable and one of the best printer for home use on the market.

2. Canon MX492

This is a very good photo printer for home office or personal printing activities. It has been equipped with various connectivity options like Google Cloud Print and AirPrint that allow you to print from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

The speed of the device is 8.8 ppm for black and 4.4 ppm for colored output and it has a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi in color. This printer has small design with a total weight of about 13 lbs so it will be easier for you to put easily wherever in your home, office or dorm.

The device also has a touch screen display for easy operation even without a computer. The manufacturer also Integrates the device with Canon PRINT app (available for Android & iOS) and FINE print head and ink into one compact unit so that you can replace them easily.

3. Canon PIXMA MG3620

This device is specifically designed for office printing and it has complete printing, scanning, copying, functions as well as an Auto 2-sided Print which enables you to print on both sides of the page easily. The Canon MG3620 is also easy to install.

This device has both wired and wireless connectivity and you will be able to combine it easily on your other mobile devices quickly since it supports it also has Airprint, Google Cloud Print, NFC, Mopria, Canon Print as well as USB connectivity for extended connectivity options.

This device can print documents or website pages with an average speed up to 9.9 ppm for Black and 5.7 IPM in Color.

4. HP Envy 4520

This model is the one of the best all-in-one inkjet printer in the world and great choice for home use, with a speed of 9.5 ISO-ppm for black and 6.8 ISO-ppm for colored printouts. This is one of the most popular printers in Amazon and has a wide variety of great features.

This device has complete printing, copying, scanning, and faxing functions, but PC fax is not included in it. I addition to wifi connectivity, the device also has direct USB connectivity for easy direct printing from your computer or PC. For easy navigation, the manufacturer packs this printer with a 2-inch high resolution monochrome LCD.

Meanwhile, to make you more cost efficient in printing documents, HP packs it with HP Instant Ink that allow you to save Ink up to 50%.

5. Brother HL-L2340DW

This is compact monochrome laser printer, speedy device with the capability of producing up to 27 ppm for black printouts. Its maximum resolution is 2400 x 600 dpi so black and white printed pages looks very professional and it has a duty cycle of 10,000 pages pages per month.

It has automatic duplex printing functions and it has several direct printing functions including Air print, Google cloud Print, Brother iPrint & Scan, cortado workplace as well as Wi-Fi Direct. For quick navigation and select the menu, there is a one-line LCD display, also it supports USB cable for connect to a single PC

Its paper tray capacity can handles up to 250-sheet letter or legal size paper. The device also comes equipped with Duplex printing that allow you to print on both sides of paper automatically so you can save more paper.

6. Canon MG7720

The MG7720 is an entry level inkjet printer that has been equipped with wireless connectivity and multifunction capabilities. It can delivers a high quality outputs and a very good choice for personal or home office use. You can find 3.5-inch touch screen display that make it easier to use.

Available in 4 different colors, this printer brings some great features that make users feel comfortable when using it. Besides great for photos, this printer is also perfect for print important documents in home or office.

It offers complete wireless connectivity, quick and Easy Wireless Setup, a variety of printing options ranging from Google Cloud Print, Apple Airprint, NFC, Mopria printing service as well as the Canon PRINT app, you can print CD or DVD with ease.

7. Epson Expression Home XP-330

If you are looking for a compact all-in-one printer with an affordable price, the Epson XP-330 is worth to consider. The device makes printing process more simple and fast because it can be operated via it’s 1.44 inch LCD display which offers quick setup and easy operation.

Using this printer means you can print from anywhere even without a network, from your iOS, Android smartphones or tablet and Amazon Fire tablets.. Also you can get high quality photos or documents, thanks to its instant-dry ink which offers water resistant outputs.

It’s packed with a 100-sheet paper capacity and individual ink tanks, wireless connectivity and built-in memory card slot to for PC-free photo printing.

8. HP DeskJet 3755

The HP DeskJet 3755 is a multifunction inkjet printer (Print, Copy and Scan, without Fax) which is intended for home or small office use and it’s made to fit your space, and with HP Instant Ink, you can save more money up to 50% on its ink.

The device has sleek design and has various different functions. It can print, scan and copy in b/w and color and can be operated throught USB cord and wireless connectivity (via mobile devices or direct printing) so printing any documents right from your mobile device will be so much faster.

It can prints up to 8 ppm for black and 5.5 ipm color with scan resolution up to 600 dpi.

9. Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA

This is a monochrome laser printer that has very good print speed, up to 21 pages per minute and compatible with major operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux). It is designed for simple and intuitive operation and you can connect it to your wifi network securely within seconds using its one-touch WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button.

The M2020W can delivers text and images outputs in excellent quality meanwhile to improve the quality of image to be more detail and sharp, Samsung includes their new feature called advanced rendering technology to this printer.

Samsung’s Easy Eco Driver also allow you to save more toner up to 20 percent. For those of you who are looking for a good laser printer with fast printing speed and enhance home office productivity, we recommend you check this device.

10. Epson Expression Home XP-430

Another great home printer is the Epson Home XP-430 that is built-in memory card slot so that you can operate it without having to turn on your computer PC. Just like other top Epson printer, it has also been packed with complete wi-fi solution making your various mobile devices easy to connect to this printer.

Its LCD screen is pretty large, with a size of 2.7 inch where from the screen, you can do many things from print, copy and scan and make some correction and edit on photos,  remove red-eye, photo restoration and much more.

The print speed is also reliable especially for home office needs with 9.0 ppm (black) and 4.5 ipm (color).


It’s not hard to find the best home office printer, but matching your budget and your preferences can make it tough. These options of best home office printers will give you an easier selection because all of these devices are not only very well-fit in the home office environment – they are also very affordable.

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Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers: Inkjet Printers Side

There are many advantages that inkjet printers offer, and many of them are with regard to general printing activities. For instance, excellent colored printing is an advantage that anyone can benefit from no matter if your aim in printing is to produce photos, print scrapbooking papers, produce drawings and clip arts, or just print colored text documents. The high quality colored printing capabilities of inkjet printers make them preferable for photo printing and colored output.

Another advantage of inkjet printers is that they are versatile. They can be used for both image and text printing and they can produce both outputs in good quality, unlike laser printers which are typically used for text document printing and monochrome printing.

Because of the simpler printing mechanism, inkjet printers are also much cheaper than laser printers. A good quality inkjet printer can be bought for as low as $50, while no laser printer that has good speed and quality is lower than $150. This is the main factor that makes inkjet printers preferred by most computer users.

Inkjet printers can also compete when it comes to speed. The fastest inkjet printer prints up to 37 pages per minute for black output. This is very good, and with the quality of the output, having a speedy inkjet printer gives you the best in quality and quantity.

Having inkjet printers repaired or serviced is also cheaper than laser printers because they have a less high-tech printing mechanism and they are smaller in size. This makes them easier to repair, and most technicians are very familiar with the construction and mechanisms of inkjets, so they can easily work with inkjet printers.

Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers: Laser Printers Side

What laser printers offer that inkjet printers don’t is high capacity. While inkjets generally have duty cycles of around 3,000-10,000 pages per month, laser printers can produce up to 300,000 pages per month – almost 100 times the minimum of inkjet printers. Lasers are especially preferable for profitable use, like in businesses or office workplaces, because they cater to mass printing needs.

Also, even though laser printers are not as efficient as inkjet printers in producing images and photos, laser printers win the competition when it comes to printing black and white output. This is because of the precise process of imprinting charged electrons onto the media. While colored output is difficult to produce because of the low capacity of laser printers to combine colors, black text output is the greatest strength of laser printers.

Laser printers are also very speedy. If inkjets have a maximum of 37 ppm, laser printers can have a maximum of 75 ppm for monochrome printing. Small and cheap models have slower speeds, but the large and advanced ones which are especially engineered for business and industrial use have speeds around 40, 50, 60, and even 75 ppm for monochrome and up 50 ppm for colored printouts. This makes them perfect for mass printing purposes, especially in competitive industries like newspapers which need to be printed early, and advertisements.

And finally, the greatest advantage of laser printers over inkjets is their low print cost. While an inkjet printer costs around $0.10-$0.30 per page, laser printouts can cost as cheap as $0.02 per page. This is due to the differences in price of ink and the efficiency of its usage. This makes them perfect for mass and profitable printing purposes despite their expensive investment cost.


Overall, it all depends on your printing needs, If you need a printer for home office use and want to need print a lot of documents faster, it is recommended to use a Laser printer but in case you want a printer just for personal use, printing photos, graphics, recipes etc, we highly recommend you to consider an Inkjet printer. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.